In Uzhhorod presentation of the book by Hans von Dakha " total resistance. Instructions for doing little war for each "

March 5, 2015 in Uzhgorod in the main building and UzhNU indoors Transcarpathian Regional Universal Scientific Library. Potushnyaka held presentation of the book by Hans von Dakha " total resistance. InstructionsWar driving small for each & quot ;. The event took place with the participation of the founder of the publishing house " & quot ;, Astrolabe scientific editor of the Ukrainian edition of " total resistance " Oleg Feshovtsya. The legendary book Swiss military expert Major Hans Don Dakha a textbook of keeping small war. The author reveals the strategies and techniques of doingI am victorious battle in which the enemy forces far outweigh. At the presentation was also made head of the Transcarpathian " Freedom " Eduard Leonov, convinced of the need to be able to Vesta small war, as nationalist itself comes from the Crimea, and now can not visit their homeland. &Quot; Those Crimean war who betrayed Ukraine and adoptedand Russian citizenship, now in their passport stamped with " sklonen for Change & quot ;, are somewhere near the North Pole, and their " Odessa flats " may have forgotten! " - Commented svobodivets. Co-organizer of the presentation was the youth sports and patriotic organization " & quot ;, Falcon whose activists decided to bookfor a handbook. Chairman of the Transcarpathian " Falcon " Tomas Lelekach take this opportunity to young people invited to the national camp Vyshkilnyj " Carpathian Ukraine & quot ;, which will be held in the village. Steblivka from 12 to 15 March. &Quot; Ordinary people do not understand why we are preparing for war, because the state must build politicalmethods. They were right, but the only one we looked at the war through the prism of our predecessors, including UPA, whose aim was to build a Ukrainian state, but now the goal - not to lose it. We must understand that beat the weak and strong front bow & quot ;, - said nationalist. This was reported in the press service of Transcarpathian aboutlasnoyi of PA " Freedom "