In the Transcarpathian region accomodation in the center of Mukachevo company enjoyed free - requires prosecutors to return it to the state property

Office of the Procurator of Mukachevo in the Commercial Court Transcarpathian region filed a claim in the interests of the state in the face of communal property of the executive committee Passionachivskoyi City Council, debt collection, termination of the lease and return of non-residential premises in the center of 100 square m ² to communal property territorial community of Mukachevo. As the deputy prosecutor of the city of Mukachevo Michael Panto in the study of the legality of the use of state prosecution communement property sub ’ yektamy management determined that one of the companies (lessee) of the city under signed in 1998 the lease of non-residential premises situated in the center of the city using public property, with no funds to the local budget specified the contract pay. As a result Not in usement of contract public interest in the face of communal property of the executive committee of the City Council of Mukachevo caused damage that resulted in the local budget shortfall considerable resources, which in turn makes it difficult to finance and implementation functions of the local government. Press office of the Prosecutor's Office Transcarpathian region