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March 8 should be abolished as February 23 - Metropolitan Dimitri (Rudiuk)

in Ukraine should be their holidays. A March 8 purely communist-Bolshevik party. Him and 23 February, in Ukraine should cancel the holiday as the former communist Soviet days of the empire. Metropolitan Dimitri (Rudiuk). Photo: This March 6, in the comments MessageSee Metropolitan of Lviv and Sokal Ukrainian Orthodox Church (MP) Demetrius (Rudiuk). According to him, March 8 should boycott as well as the Defender of the Fatherland Day or Day of the Soviet Army on 23 February. &Laquo; If we want to live in a new way, a new wind, new air, it seems to me that dignity revolution to occur, a cheatCo. has set us these questions. Earlier somehow could agree that this day women. But I believe that all holidays that are all kind of ghost former Soviet empire, which for us potoptalas more present in the form of, should be abolished & raquo ;, – Metropolitan Dimitri said. He noted that the need to optiAiTi analogue 8 March. For this to work a special commission. He recalled that the Defender of the Fatherland Day was moved from 23 February to 14 October, and added that it was the right decision. Similarly, he said, to do with International Women's Day. &Laquo; Why high-level can not celebrate Mother's Day? Why not speak this dayand the mother of seven ’ S, ever since 8th of March we talked about it, gave mums flowers pasted lystivochky and glorified mother & raquo ;, – Metropolitan said, adding that there are many different options that can replace the 8th of March. &Laquo; Analogue March 8 at festivals such as Sunday-bearing women, which is always the second Sunday after Easter. Pislya Thomas Sunday is Sunday-bearing women. Why not be a celebration, because these Catholics and Orthodox Sunday is specified. This will be a Christian and correctly. This holiday, of course, depend on Easter and it is not all in one day, and floats depending on whether an early Easter, or later. Sometimes this holiday is in April, sometimesin early May, either inside or at the end & raquo ;, – Bishop Demetrius offered. Told