In the Rivne region implement this technology

lesson using technology distance learning course "Basics of labor legislation" was held on 5 March in Rivne center of vocational education state employment for students who are studying at the Dunaivtsi District Employment Hmelnytskoyi area. Students group in "New technologies of growing crops using modern agricultural machinery" - unemployed among tractor-drivers of agricultural production, which before employment the opportunity to improve their skills in short-term rates. They study in presentARS agricultural technology, domestic and foreign agricultural machinery, new tools and equipment for its diagnosis and repair labor protection in others. This study contributes to the competitiveness of each candidate for a job, its attractiveness to employers. The curriculum of the course involves the study andrelevant to every citizen issues related to labor laws. The classes are considering aspects of an employment contract, conditions of employment, especially the termination of the employment contract and dismissal of employees, regulation of working hours and rest periods, labor discipline, disciplinary and financial edovidalnosti, settlement of labor disputes and so on. Get the information and answers to questions that concern the adult audience, helped residents Khmelnytsky experienced freelance teacher of the Center for Vocational Education PES Tatiana Kyslyuk. She had lessons with students remotely in on-line mode, using Sovremtheir hardware and new software license TeamViewer. Thus the students had an opportunity to hear and see the teacher, but also see the thematic video and multimedia presentation. The use of this new form of education and students, and the teacher happy, and experts Dunaivtsi Employment and expressed a desire toreadiness to continue cooperation with Rivne TSPTO PES towards vocational adult education using modern information and communication technologies. This was reported in Rivne city employment center