According to murder 58-year-old friend ternopolyanka spend in prison 7 years

while drinking alcohol woman struck several fatal blows to the head 33-year-old man. Then, together with the familiar body was taken and dumped near the railway line. The bloody event took place last January. During the pre-trial investigation was Sutanovleno that the defendant came to visit familiar. Together they decided to drink a bottle okovytoyi. During joint gatherings between guest and hostess dispute ensued. His wife decided to prove the correctness of force. Grabbed a wooden rolling pin and struck several blows to the head friend. From his injuries the man died. Realizing that has done, Ternopolyanka tried to cover up the crime. With addressed friend. With whom they took out the dead body on the sled and thrown into the drainage channel near the railroad tracks. And avoid punishment for committing a serious crime ternopolyantsi and her associates failed. They were detained by the police. Verdict Ternopilskoho district court sentenced a woman to 7 years in prison. Her accomplice, guilty of concealing the crime, was sentenced to three years in prison and released from serving a sentence of probation for two years. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region