In Ternopil region police expose persons illegally cut down forest

During the last days police caught a few facts illegal logging in Kremenetskiy and Borschevskom areas. His actions caused the state losses attackers to over 15 thousand. During vidpratsyuvan to prevent unauthorized felling of trees,Kremenetsky police caught two poachers. 45-year-old villager Lidyhiv cut down several trees species in pine forest near Pochayev. As explained by man wood he intended to use for construction. However, his plans were prevented by the police. Illegal cutting of forests will have to answer another resident Kremenechchyny. The policemen diedItil that people carrying some felled pines. Provide any permits for tree he could not. Law enforcement officers found that the needles were cut down in the territory of forestry. Another one caught woodcutter Borshchiv district. 60-year-old man cut down trees in the National park "Dniester Canyon" The police tomatoesrears her husband at the time when he stands loaded into the machine. The attacker managed to cut fifty pines. By so doing it caused damage to more than ten thousand. Throughout illegally cut down trees removed. The revealed facts police started criminal proceedings. Suspect charged with article 246 of the Criminal CodeUkraine - illegal cutting of forests. Sanction article provides for punishment of a fine or imprisonment for up to six months, or imprisonment for up to three years, or imprisonment for the same term, with the forfeiture of illegally mined. Police continue to conduct activities to prevent illegal logging in the territoryarea. Also ask countryman report these facts to the line "102". SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region