In Ternopil honored Shukhevych

March 5, 2015 on the territory of the area and the famous Lviv honored warrior, a fighter for freedom, honor and independence of Ukraine, Hero of Ukraine, General cornet UPA, the commander of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army Roman Shukhevych. Celebrations to mark the 65 th anniversary of the tragic death of wire fdnyka UPA Shukhevych took place in villages Zabolotivka Chortkivsk area and Hukiv Borshiv Ternopil region. Requiem Requiem was also in Lviv, bilohorshcha. Commemoration Shukhevych in Chertkovsky and Borschevskom Ternopil region occurred in the presence of a large community immaculate Fathers nationalistiv, World War II veterans, UPA, Youth and ordinary residents of the province. All participants gave their tribute to the leader of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army. Together with them, honored the memory, laid flowers to the monument of Hero of Ukraine head of the Ternopil regional organization VO " Freedom " Vladimir Stayura and head BorshchivSecond District of PA " Freedom " Jaroslav Halyas. &Quot; Each year, we commemorate the true heroes of Ukraine Roman Shukhevych. It was through his example, we were able to overcome the Yanukovych regime. But Ukrainian nationalists have always said: " We have one enemy - Russia, and we will fight against them until they liberate their emNight Ukrainian territory! & quot ;. The victory of the Revolution dignity demonstrated by the fact that the Ukrainian people was intact, and the only undefeated! These traits Ukrainian apparent when it outright war of Russia against Ukraine. Yes, it is war, not ATO, and it shall speak, and you need to bring it to our government that still continuesnaive to convince all that this is a common anti-terrorist operation. I want to thank you all for unity, understanding and support for all those soldiers who are now in the Donbas, fighting for the independence of Ukraine Russian aggression. Without your help both moral and material we could not have everything you need toconducting military operations against Muscovy. There is absolutely no matter where we come from, whether from Ternopil, or from the eastern regions of Ukraine. We are all united and fight for a happy and carefree future for our single, united and independent country! I believe that only through our unity, faith, strength, patience and inspiration we can overcome enemies and bendyou Kremlin occupiers of our own mother! " - Said the head of the Ternopil regional organization VO " Freedom " Vladimir Stayura. In turn, the head of Borschevsk District of PA " Freedom " Jaroslav Halyas said: " We live in a very brutal day in which everyone has the right to choose. Someone defending sovereigntyand integrity of our country, and some just do not care at all that is happening. As in the days of Roman Shukhevych, when he led a small number of true heroes who were willing to fight to the end for its independence, so now only care about nationalists willing to put his head on a free and independent Ukraine. Only through joint efforts,faith, patience, active struggle, strength, unity, Ukrainian national idea can defeat their enemies - the Kremlin and false hypocritical power & quot ;. In Lviv, bilohorshcha nationalists commemorated Shukhevych, laid flowers to the monument of General cornet UPA and visited historical and memorial museum of Hero of Ukraine. On withahodi were Chairman of the Ternopil City PA " Freedom " Roman Navrotskyi and community activists, priests who held a prayer service, UPA and youth. Details: Commemorating famous fighter, defender homeland nationalist Shukhevych On 65th-x anniversary of the date of its execution resulted in the tragic death of Ukrainian State glorious. This was reported in the press service of the Ternopil regional organization VO " Freedom "