In Ternopil moved 30 inmates orphanage in Donetsk Region 30

pupils Druzhkivka orphanage that the Donetsk region, moved to Ternopil. March 5 they were met at the railway station of the city representatives of the Department of Social Welfare Ternopil Regional Administration, Management Dercivil service of emergencies in the region and caring of Ternopil. "Girls aged 18 to 23 years old, who came to the area from Ternopil ATO will live near the regional center in Petrykivs'kyy Orphanage - the director of the Department of Social Welfare Ternopil Regional Administration BaBoyarsky smoke. - We have long prepared a place for their settlement, as the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine has been tasked to provide social security institutions in place for children from the eastern regions. Here they will live in the present conditions will be provided with all necessary and will be able to undergo rehabilitation. "Pupils orphanage had to leave much earlier, says the head of DSNS in Ternopil Oblast Viktor oil. However, in connection with the fighting, it was not possible to evacuate them. From Donetsk region Ternopil girls accompanied seven employees Druzhkivka orphanage. Here they will instruct teachers Petrykivka Boudinagement boarding category as pupils - specific and requires special attention and care on the part of teachers, educators, doctors. "Our children are very good, and know how to embroider, sing, dance, - says Zoe Nesterivna speech therapist, who accompanied the group of girls. - Our School is located 10-12 km from Kramatorska in our city is calmbut. Here we got a good, well we met in Kharkiv. There we waited for the train 4 hours, but it was very well organized. " Note: According to the Inter-Agency Coordination Staff in Ternopil region, as of March 5 is home to 2408 people internally displaced persons from occupied territory temporarily Crimea and the territory of ATO.This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration