Ternopil: Chortkivschyni opened on a plaque Il'yashenko Roman, who died in

ATO March 6 Chortkiv boarding school boards Hero vidkryttyamemorialnoyi was present Roman Il'yashenko that August 30 last year, died heroically during the fighting in m.Ilovaysk. Took part in the opening of the first deputy head of district administrationV.B.Zapuhlyak, deputy head of district administration I.O.Vivat, deputy head of the district council L.M.Hrustavka parents - Tatiana Isidorivna, Igor, brother - Alexander, girlfriend Victoria, classmates and friends, the school, caring residents district and city. Father various conferences sent requiem and dedicated a memorial plaque. Mayou Romana - Tatiana Isidorivna thanked everyone for their support and those who took part in the opening of the memorial sign in honor of her son Roman. "He loved all over Ukraine, and despite my entreaties - went to defend our motherland Ukraine" - almost trembling voice said Roman mother. Recall Roman was only 23 years old, athlete, master of sports and currentsecond Cup of Ukraine free-fight. He served in the Second Battalion, 51st Mechanized Brigade self-propelled artillery battalion. The guy got under fierce shelling Russian separatists and since then the relationship did not go. Until recently, relatives and friends hoped that Roman lives. This Sunday he would and under 24-years. At the rodynoyu Roman and his friends mourn all the inhabitants of our country, all who care about the fate of our country. The memory of the Roman Ilyashenka who put their lives for the peaceful sky overhead, will always live in our hearts. Heroes glory! Heroes do not die! This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration