Ternopil: Terebovlyanschyni children to produce "The Lark", police ATU

revive traditions, give students the concept of ritual invocation of birds to update their knowledge of folk songs, freckles, dances - a goal set a primary school teacher training and rehabilitation Terebovlia center, holding within weeksof the project "Birds call for their land." As informed in Terebovlya district administration in preparation for the holiday ritual invocation of birds, students with teachers not only prepared numbers of amateur, but also organized a real master class in baking cookies in the form of spring birds - "The Lark", "doves." We had thoselky see how the shining eyes of children as skilfully worked their hands when they were preparing protein mass, and then decorated, painted his "Lark". And in that day in the festive hall cleaned gathered participants and guests of the holiday ritual. All participants were able to see an exhibition of students' "The Lark", listen to stories about birdsritual songs, watch staging, solve puzzles, participate in spring dances. At the end of the holiday, students present their pochastuvaly goodies and then also went to court all school facilities. Here are all the boys and girls on the symbolic tree hung napechenyh of "The Lark" and called birds singing: "Birds Offykayu with warm edge. Fly, nightingale, our piece of land! ". The second part of his napechenyh ptashok- "The Lark" - messengers of peace -dity handed volunteers. Students Educational Rehabilitation Center wanted to treat his famous pastries of our heroes - Defenders and thus give them heat their children's hearts and faith and confidenceour victory and peace in Ukraine. We are proud of you, our heroes! Take care of yourself and like them "larks" come back home with a victory! This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/