In Ternopil region as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning three people ended up in a hospital bed

March 5th at 20:45 to operational dispatch management services was reported case of carbon monoxide poisoning in the village of White Ternopil region. Children of 2006 and 2011 birth and mother ix born in 1982 to hospitalized medical bookmarkvirgins. Department of Civil Service of Ukraine of Emergencies in Ternopil Oblast warns citizens, be careful when using gas appliances and furnace heating, save your life and the lives of your family! Carbon monoxide (CO) — very dangerous because it is colorless and odorless. Poisoning can occur quickly. For highsecond temperature carbon monoxide burns in oxygen blue flame ’ pits. Since air can form explosive mixtures. Formed by incomplete combustion of fuel in car engines or any heating appliances that run on coal or other types of fossil fuels. The greatest danger of carbon monoxide poisoning exists in homes that are heated by authoronomno natural gas, wood or coal. In the presence of carbon monoxide can indicate the presence of soot, smoke, yellow flame ’ burner indoors. Carbon monoxide, getting airways to blood hemoglobin displaces oxygen. As a result of oxygen deprivation occurs tissues. Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning: headache, zapamorochennya, tinnitus, feeling of pressure in the forehead, nausea, vomiting, chest pain. In severe poisoning – loss of consciousness, convulsions, respiratory failure. At high concentrations of carbon monoxide death can occur instantly. When carbon monoxide poisoning should: - Make the person to fresh air; - Raise the nose cotton wool with ammonia; -ensure the free flow of air to the lungs, unbuttoned his clothes; - If the victim in mind - to give a lot to drink (tea, water); - Failing to conduct CPR breathing and chest compressions; - Call an ambulance. To avoid poisoning, should follow the rules of safe use independent heating and gasand devices: - Check draft in the chimney; - No overlap furnace chimney at night; - Do not use gas stoves for heating; - Often ventilate the room where the gas appliance. Do not leave the car engine to work indoors.