The Savvy Girl" was held in Chernihiv In Chernihiv

March 5 in urban centers of tourist-recreational and educational work with children and young people held a competition among hurtkivtsiv "Savvy Girl", dedicated to the International Women's Day. The competition was attended by 18 teams in 3 age groups: 3-4, 5-6, 7-8 classes - a total of more than 50 hurtkivtsivs. When performing a variety of competitive challenges girls had the opportunity to show their ingenuity, resourcefulness, erudition, knowledge of cooking and housekeeping, teamwork. According to the jury the winners are: Age group 3 - 4 classes: I place - Adidas (Julia Fox, Lisa Rastruba Diana Matsenko), head Irina Ovsyanyk; Second place - Big time rush (Valery Yegorov, Marina Gayova Svetlana Sochavo), head Irina Ovsyaniko; Third place - "Patriots" (Catherine Kryschuk Sofia Tishchenko, Anastasia Obytotska), head Irina Ovsyaniko. Age group 5 - 6 classes: And place - "Girls" (Alina Sarkisov, Anastasia Toloshyna Irina Ochkan), head EBHanzhuk genius; Second place - "Marina" (Marina Herasko, Lisa Butko, Kryvolap Carolina), leaders Gennady Kupriyenko Marina Primak; Third place - "Nyashky" (Sofia Kalinichenko, Xenia Zilbovych Anna King James) leaders Tatyana Kupriyenko, Gennady Kupriyenko. Age group 7 - 8 classes: And place - "CCC" (Irina Artemenko, Anastasia Protchenko Anastasia Filyarevych), head of Yaroshenko Olga; Second place - "Bees" (Angelina pity Irina Brik, Marina Kabrus) leaders Tatyana Kupriyenko Irina Ovsyaniko; Third place - "Twix" (Daria Sylenko, Jan Derev'yanko, Daria Zaharchenko) leaders Tatyana Kupriyenko Irina Ovsyaniko. The event was organized to promote the development in children individual abilities of the individual, deep respect and reverence for the mother, girls, women, deepen students' knowledge about traditional celebrations of spring holidays. According to the Center LLC RDM