In the Zhytomyr region prevented rescuers destroyed the building housing

March 5 at 14:23 on the item called ’ communications 5th State Fire and Rescue downtown Andrushivka received information about a fire in a brick house located in the village of Great Moshkivtsi. To rescue « 101 » chairman of the village council. In thisa 63-year-old owner was at the yard ’ her. Upon arrival firefighters guard duty with 36th post of professional fire ’ it turned out that the center of the fire is in one of the rooms. Efforts fighters DSNS fire was localized at 14:50 and is completely eliminated at 15:50. The fire had destroyed 10 April of slate roof and gable. Curvedisasters and injured at the scene were found. Previously determined that the cause of the fire could be a violation of fire safety in the operation of furnace heating. Currently, experts set the final cause of the fire and the amount of damage and salvaged items. In DSNS in Zhytomyr region