In the Zhytomyr police conducted a regional center for school safety lesson

students from law enforcement Olevsk secondary school 3 know what it takes and what absolutely can not do, and who should be notified in case of suspicious objects. Meeting students from employee Olevskyi police department took place at the end of tyzhnya. It was part of students of secondary and high school, and teaching staff. Talk with which to come back to school police officer, concerned the immediate behavior of children in potentially dangerous situations. These include identifying students outside of suspicious objects that can be explosive or beanother threat to people. - Children because of their curiosity end up in the most unexpected places, studying the world around him through his own observations and research. Therefore, it is important to satisfy their curiosity in advance so that they have the basic knowledge of the possible dangers of accidental discoveries and know how to behave in such a situationx - says detective sector of Criminal Police Juvenile Olevskyi District Police Maxim Feschuk. Then the policeman told students that such an explosive situation and what the consequences may cause over-expression of interest to them accidentally found an unknown object. It is expected of most law enforcement officers asked the ladand so the meeting was held in the form of lively dialogue. Most importantly, after all students have learned - in any case not touch suspicious object and immediately report the discovery adults. Latest necessarily inform the child heard the police and emergency services. - Similar safety lessons are held in other schools Zhitomyrskoyi area. We hope that such meetings and warning conversations help children avoid many unpleasant, unexpected and, ultimately, dangerous situations, - says the head of the police Internal Affairs child Zhytomyr Galina Shilov. Olga Nomerchuk, Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Ukraine Zhytomyr region, According to the District Police Olevskyi