In the Volyn region rescuers trained public safety in the home

March 5 in order to prevent fires and deaths of people they rescue Stone Kashyrsky UDSNS police station area in conjunction with social workers working settlements made Karasynskoyi village council. During testing participants raid gRupite avoided houses, teaching public safety in the home. Particular attention personnel and social workers paid seven large ’ pits, single pensioners and unreliable people. Employees DSNS focused attention on the subject of fire safety during the installation of furnaces and their operation inhomes that otoplyuyutsya furnaces. Practice shows that such measures are extremely important, because the lion's share of fires occur in residential areas because of overheating furnace, the appearance of cracks in masonry, and using the Firing furnaces combustible and flammable liquids. Thanks to the good advice of professionals owners of residential buildingss can resolve identified deficiencies and prevent disasters. UDSN in Volyn region