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Prosecution Volyn headed by Dmitry Chepizhak

Deputy Attorney General David Sakvarelidze Ukraine prosecution team presented the newly appointed head of the Volyn – Senior Adviser of Justice Dmitry Chepizhaka. The event was attended by Head of Volyn Regional Council Valentin Wind, deputy head of Volyn Regional State AdministrationSergey Kudryavtsev her and heads of law enforcement and judicial authorities in the region. During the presentation, David Sakvarelidze said that the updated Ukrainian Prosecutor will be guided by professional staff and uncompromising struggle against corruption. In addition, Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine said that the urgent requirement of Ukrainian societypolice reform is primarily prosecution. Radical changes in the structure and operation of the Prosecutor's Office will guarantee that Ukraine will be truly European. But this requires responsibility and hard work aimed at ensuring the rule of law and observance of civil rights. For his parterhu Dmitry Chepizhak thanked the Prosecutor General for the confidence and assured that aware of the responsibilities entrusted to him in a difficult time for the country, and will make every effort to combat corruption and to ensure the legality of the region and of subordinates require honest performance of professional Duty ’ bonds .In addition: Dmitry Chepizhak born 1980 in Kalinovka Vinnytsia region. A law degree from the National Law Academy of Ukraine named after Yaroslav the Wise in Kharkiv. In the Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine works since 2003. Prior to joining Attorney Volyn region served as Deputy Attorney Mykolaivskaand. This was reported in the press service of the Prosecutor Volyn region