In Vinnytsia community activists and derzhavtoinspektory reminded drivers to park

parking rules on the rules taught social activists and police drivers offenders. Many complaints from drivers of public transport comes to the Inspectorate on violations stop cars in the city center. JuneWithout a major number of cars parked near the shops and cafes, creating complications of buses and trolleybuses. This leads to discomfort landing-disembarkation of passengers, and sometimes creates accident situation. March 5 in Vinnytsia outside the Cathedral, the Theater and Hrushevskoho social activists and inspectors reminded drivers PRAforks parking and stopping vehicles. For by car, parked in inappropriate places special pasted stickers "Stopping prohibited" indicating impaired paragraph of traffic rules and fines (from 255 to 340 USD). In 2015, employees of the State. Winery and more than three hundred administrative StraitLive for violation of stopping vehicles. During the event were plastered over hundreds of stickers to drivers of vehicles offenders. AB UGAI Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Vinnitsa region