In Vinnitsa region for receiving benefits and pensions appealed 5770 temporarily displaced citizens

Of these 5331 person already designed and made payments. It is reported by the Department of Social Policy RSA. In addition, 10 779 people (7036 families) recorded according to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 01.10.2014 rockin number 509 and got help temporarily displaced citizens; With the application for assistance, according to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 01.10.2014, 505, applied 6455 families, of which 5828 families said benefits already designed and paid for the amount of 14519.0 thousand. UAH. In 1854 displaced children: - 357 organized to study inschool education. - 313 students studying at the university I-IV accreditation levels. - 72 enrolled in vocational schools. - 1112 students who temporarily come and live in the Vinnytsia region (in the family relatives) organized school learning process, including the compact living. Authorityzovano medical care to persons in 1018. From 5348 able-bodied persons to Employment appealed field 897 people, including: 156 - employed, 431 - for unemployment benefits, the other received the status of unemployed persons. Before the migration service area approached 606 persons for providing various types of administrative services,54 persons are reinstated. Total registry housing for temporary residence of displaced persons registered 55 sites for 295 citizens, including 44 private sector facility for 161 persons. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration