Poetic performance "Two Wings of Love" - ??creative gift Vinnichanka to 8th of March (+ photos)

Library Association Vinnitsa region together with the Vinnitsa regional organization of the National Union of Writers of Ukraine within the Club intellectuals Vinnichiny Intermezzo March 6 presented a poetic play "Two Wings of Love "dedicated to the Internationaltional Women's Day on 8 March. The play "Two Wings of Love" collected Women from indoors VOUNB them. KA Timiryazeva true fans of the poetic word. Built on the creative works of the poet and composer Faith Vaganova, the show is full of spring and sentiments able to touch the innermost heart strings of women, which, Propertynot addressed. In the author's execution Faith Vaganova coauthors action - the poet Anatoly Martynyuk sounded poems and songs, the characters are in love, believe, seek the fullness of life. If affected, only the love. Reference: Club intellectuals Vinnichiny Intermezzo launched on the initiative of Vinnytsia Oblast NATIONSionalnoyi Union of Writers of Ukraine in December 2011 (the club - head of the Vinnytsia NSPU Michael cobblestones). The main purpose of the public association - Presentation of new books, paintings, movies, songs created by our countrymen, of creative discussion and debate, "round tables", thematic exhibitions and more. During theits existence has a series of art events. Anatoly Martynyuk - poet laureate Podolsk literary art prize "Crystal Cherry", the author of four books of poetry: "Poetry for notes Anna", "you live in a dream," "When the salt is not salt will", "poetic praise." Vera A. Vaganova - poet, composer, performedytsya own songs, the teacher of foreign languages ??Vinnytsia cooperative institute, winner of the poetry contest "gold stanza" (m. Moscow, 2010-2011.). Author of poetry: "love bessovestne terms", "Songs of faith and predannosty." This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/