In order to stop illegal encroachment on property Rivne radio engineering plant seized its production facilities worth EUR 40 million Rivne Oblast Prosecutor's Office

provides procedural guidance in criminal proceedings for perpetrating officials JSC "Rivne Radio Technical Plant" criminal offensesProvided ch. 3. 212 and Art. 219 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, on the facts of deliberate tax evasion in a large scale and bringing said the company into bankruptcy. The pre-trial investigation by the investigators Forensic Investigation Department of the Main Directorate of DFS in Rivne region, found that officialsthis society in 2011 alienated 7 production facilities of the plant, which cost 40 million USD. Subsequently, these steps have resulted in preventing the implementation of effective business enterprise. Given that these production facilities are the object of attack in criminal proceedings, at the request of the investigator, agreedm with the prosecutor, the investigating judge ruling Rivne City Court on 11.02.2015 they seized and banned alienation. Pre-trial investigation in criminal proceedings continues its course under the control of the prosecutor's office in Rivne region. Reference: Atlas Economic Court of Rivne region 05.02.2014 JSC "Rivne tipsiotehnichnyy plant "declared bankrupt and put the liquidation procedure. In the Commercial Court of Rivne region is considered the Prosecutor's Office of Rivne region, brought in the public interest represented by the State Property Fund of Ukraine to private structures demanding the return to public ownership stake in JSC "Rivne Radio bywaters "in the amount of 25.5 million USD and pay the same amount of penalties. Press service of the regional prosecutor's office