In the Rivne region rescuers did not allow the fire to destroy a house

February 12 at 9:02 to the Rescue by calling « 101 » received a report of a fire in the village Chudlya Volodymyrets area. At the address promptly went another guard rescuers 5th State Fire and Rescue post town. Rafalivka. For atbeing to place the call, it was found that the fire originated in the trees ’ Ian residential building. Burned roof and floor, there is a real threat of the spread of fire to accommodation. Given the rate of fire spread and accommodation close to the fire to other buildings, fire suppression supervisor ordered the additionalattraction for fire extinguishing fire another tanker. Having quickly operational deployment capabilities, firefighters filed for fire extinguishing water barrels. Destroy fire trees ’ plates and a house rescuers have not given but before the fire was able to finally eliminate, flame ’ I managed to partially overlap damageand residential building roof and some household items. Injured and killed by a fire there. The basic version of the cause of the fire experts believe a violation of fire safety rules when installing and using the stove heating. Volodymyretzh PC PG DSNS Ukraine in Rivne region