Rivne traffic police returned home from the zone ATU

employees of the State March 4 Rivne region returned after performing service tasks in the area of ??counter-terrorism operations to permanent locations. 15 volunteers from among the employees of the State of Rivne month time served in eastern Ukraine. They propechuvaly road safety and guarding the public order. All returned alive and healthy. This long-awaited meeting of our colleagues very special to all who came out to greet their safe return home. Each family was looking forward to his home dad, husband, son. Head of the Department of GAI Alexander Semeniuk welcomedworkers returning and thanked inspectors for conscientious performance of their duties. Despite the fatigue and difficult road inspectors who have just arrived from the zone ATO, did not hide their joy, they finally home. After a short rest again police begin their duties. On tis reported in the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs UGAI Ukraine in Rivne region of Ukraine rovnenko

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/