In the Transcarpathian region-guard svobodivets Boris Kondratiuk returned from the Donbas

March 5, 2015 svobodivets Kondratiuk Boris came to the city for treatment. Half a year, from September to February, nationalist had served as part of Chop border on the front lines in the Donetsk region. Svobodivets described the terrible conditions in the townsDonbass. According to 49-year-old defender, quality of life in the Donetsk region and without war was far from nationwide standards: apartments in Donetsk people are decayed planked furniture and windows, little shops and local schools empty. Senior Warrant Officer Boris Kondratiuk stressed that staff armed groups: " We have a bordersecond service is incredibly large number of generals. Frankly, this number is not justified, but the quality is not quite as. But we, the guards, regularly carry service. Now we come to the rotation, but it is not clear whether sent back to the zone ATO. The guys in my squad are even missing the adrenaline & quot ;. Border guard with callsign&Quot; Boar " together with the platoon patrolled buffer zone agreed in September in Minsk. However, in reality it is not an armistice, because there were clashes, including a massive bombardment reference point, where, fortunately, no one was hurt. This was reported in the press service of the Transcarpathian regional organization VO " Freedom "