In Ternopil in Lanivtsi attacker assaulted the boy and took the phone and USD 400

Returning home at night, 24-year-old Lanivetskoho area was the victim of a robber. The victim's cell phone and confiscated 400 USD. By staff Lanivetskoho police department received a report of a robbery of a local resident. Jinca was ochevydytseyu event. According to her, to stop public transportation in Lanivtsi unknown passer attacked, beat him and took away personal belongings. At the scene left investigative team. The affected was 24-year-old resident of one of the villages in the area. The young man said, returning home from work. At the stop expecting regularsecond bus when he was approached by two unknown men. One of the criminals wantonly attacked the victim with his fists and took away his mobile phone and money. Law enforcement officers tracked down the suspect. Involved in the robbery was 27-year-old native of Khmelnitsky region. In the police seized the attacker selected in poterpilohat things. It turned out that the suspect in Lanivtsi moonlighting in the enterprise. Together with a colleague also came home when stopping met the victim. Why did unlawfully, can not explain. As admitted drunk. On this fact openly criminal proceedings. The suspect has been charged with article 186 of the Criminal Code - robbery. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine Ternopilskiy area