In the Transcarpathian region in Perechynskyi near artillery shell fireworks cleared

March 4 at 09:30 to the Operational Rescue Service received information identifying explosive objects in the village. Tour ’ I Remeta Perechynsky area. In a dangerous discovery came across a local resident who was cutting trees in the forest ’ volved stick dlI use to own garden. In violation of safety rules, people downloaded the explosives in the trunk of his car and took her to the district police officer, which caused pyrotechnics. At the scene of fireworks went specialists work for rescue special unit – only 5 personnel and 2 odessordid technology. At 16:25 specialists seized and defused an artillery shell with a diameter of 125 mm. In addition, pyrotechnics checked the area around the place of occurrence, the presence of other GNP and conducted Rose ’ yasnyuvalnu outreach. Rescuers call Transcarpathians! In case of any suspicious metal objects similar to vybuhonebezpechni, leave them alone, and mark the place of discovery, report it to authorities, local government, police or call the emergency services by calling 101. In DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region