In the Transcarpathian region Rakhiv district in the search continues for lost tourists from the Czech Republic

for the fourth consecutive day in the mountains Rakhivsky area search continues for a citizen of the Czech Republic, which is in a group of six people still lost 2 March. As previously reported, 5 tourists rescuers found and taken to the hotel. Currently forces soldiers DSNA focused on finding 29-year-old, last seen between the mountains and the United Blyznytsia Small Blyznytsia. Finding participate as representatives of the emergency rescue special unit and rescue community – around 21 people and 4 pieces of equipment. They are divided into several groups and move on three routeswe. The first group examines the foothills Gendarme 1, 2 and Gendarme Gendarme 3 towards the mountains Great Blyznytsia. The second part moves from side to Kosovo meadow mountain Dragobrat. The third group of engines has focused on the area of ??Ust-Black to Drahobrat. Rescue work difficult bad weather conditions, including strong blizzard. In DSNS Incountries in the Transcarpathian region