In the Rivne region rescue personnel and Diagnostic Center worked with joint action fire suppression and rescue

March 5 at exactly rescuers 3rd State Fire and Rescue Unit Directorate DSNS conducted tactical exercises with conventional fire extinguishing indoors Regional Clinical therapeutic and diagnosticth Center. V. Polishchuk. The exercises on the 3rd floor in the office of ultrasonic diagnostics through violation of fire safety fire. At this time in the center of the building there were 80 people, strong smoke 2 facility staff who were on the 5th floor, can not safely leave the building. Another staff about ’facility shall notify the Fire and Rescue Service and Administration Diagnostic Center fire. Before the arrival of rescue units of voluntary fire brigades institution conducts evacuation of patients disconnects power and begin to extinguish the fire extinguishing means available. At this point, to place a call arriving units 3 gat the State Fire and Rescue Squad. In devices Respiratory rescuers conduct exploration fire place with ’ yasovuyut extent of the fire and the threat to people. There were served water barrels. Meanwhile, a second group of firefighters using fire ladders conducting rescue facility staff on the 5th floor. Peoplehey, received thermal injury, ambulance urgently deliver in health facilities. Extinguishing Director reports to the Operational Coordination Center of the Main Directorate DSNS localization of the fire, and 15 minutes – the complete elimination. Upon completion of practical exercises performing required ’ yazky chief physician forlinichnoho Diagnostic Center Roman Shustyk informed in detail of the rescue Mode institutions, especially the planning ways in ’ ride and placements external water supply. Summing up exercises, Head of Rivne city district administration SU DSNS Viktor Babak said: « we for developshafts organization and tactics of fighting fires in one of the biggest medical institutions of the region, receptions rescue people from buildings to the massive presence of people and the interaction of fire and rescue units of administration and voluntary formation of Civil Protection of about ’ facility for the organization extinguish the fire and evacuation of personneland valuables & raquo ;. Lt. Col. Victor Babak also thanked the hospital for active assistance in establishing safe conditions for the functioning of about ’ facility and praised the actions of the staff and administration center. PG DSNS in Rivne region