Lviv speak American pianist and composer Calvin Jones

March 14 at 18:00 for the first time on the stage of Lviv Philharmonic will perform with the author's program successful, extraordinary, talented composer, pianist and author of soundtracks to famous American film Calvin Jones. The press service of the Lviv Philharmonic. SpeechesCalvin Jones differ from regular concerts of classical music and always attract a young audience. Calvin will present their best hits for 20 years work, including work Whitewater Chopped Sticks, who helped win the crown of Miss America 2012. This is a known composition Calvin, established on the basis of simple exercises for the piano. The programE concert is created soundtracks Calvin, one of them – After the Conquest, sounds, in a documentary « 2016: Obama's America & raquo ;. Interestingly, starting work on the soundtrack for this film composer for three months did not even know whom to work. Subsequently, ’ it turned out that Calvin cooperates with Vidosation producer Gerald Molen, who produced movies « Jurassic Park & ??raquo ;, « Schindler's List & raquo ;, « The Godfather & raquo ;. These interesting surprises filled with a lifetime Calvin. Often to create music inspired by Calvin known classical pieces. Music by Calvin Jones writes, fresh and original, atmospheric. Shesurprisingly melodic and deeply emotional. The composer himself calls this new classic style – new classic. The concert Calvin perform hit new classics October (October) that consistently delight music lovers. One of the last works of Calvin – Faith and Hope (« Faith and Hope ») give students inspiration in these difficult days for Ukraine. Computerozytsiya is a clear expression of the composer's life philosophy – only God gives believers a real hope, but faith is the foundation of life in any turbulent times. Another interesting composition will be performed in concert, – Celtic Joy (joy Celtic). It listeners recognize a familiar melody of the famous classical ballet. Arrangement and orchestrationCeltic Joy Calvin did in collaboration with conductor Nurom Omurbayevym in preparation for a concert with Philharmonic Orchestra of Kyrgyzstan, headed by Nur. Invited to tour in Bishkek was a surprise and interesting experience for Calvin. Music expanding its travel Calvin. And he was pleased to collaborate with different musicians. Thus, the experience of speechas in Ukraine, says Calvin brings extraordinary pleasure thanks to the high professional level of Ukrainian musicians and excellent communication with hospitable people of Ukraine. So a new acquaintance and performance with orchestra « Lviv Virtuosos & raquo ;, Calvin sure will be interesting and memorable. Told