At the Cannes Film Festival will show Ukrainian film about ATU

at the Cannes Film Festival will be presented Ukrainian short film ONCE UPON A MINE. ONCE UPON A MINE, filmed in the area ATO, socially oriented, mission and display it – to draw attention ordinary citizen democratic countries the situation in Ukraineand. Reported « Kultprostir & raquo ;. Thus, the protagonist tape – Gene artist who lives in the occupied territories militants, running from the environment that he does not like from a misunderstanding of relatives and people close to him. However, the fate of their quirks. The guy on the way to the nearest Ukrainian checkpoint occurs on a mine that will explodeHe had just come out of it. Being in a hopeless situation, feeling intense fear, he strenuously seeking a way out of stalemate. Villagers, mother, friends gathered around him, not help the condition. Mina becomes a place of a skull – it criticized, blamed, « pour dirt » and very real, holy water. Worldaround filled with hatred, concentrated evil and Gene decided to lift up ... According to film producer Alex pusher, founder of « Wonderland » the main message of tape – This acceptance of himself, getting rid of possible allegorical « min » in the mind. Because people often misunderstanding saIIR yourself rejection of its nature becomes an obstacle to harmonious interaction with the environment. Told