Gas storage facilities in Ukraine is enough for uninterrupted transit to the EU - Shefchovych

volumes of gas in Ukrainian storage facilities are currently adequate for the smooth and safe transit to the European Union, said Vice-President of the European Commission on Energy Union Maro? ?ef?ovi?. It is reported. &Laquo; currently content of gas storage facilities in Ukraineat the level of 8 billion cubic meters. This is enough for uninterrupted and safe supply of Russian gas transit through Ukrainian territory to central and western Europe & raquo ;, – European Commission spokesman said after today's meeting of EU energy. Shefchovych believes that by next winter « it is necessary to thoroughly work » for gas storage Ukraine to the level of 20 billion cubic meters. &Laquo; Somewhere in April Ukraine will need to start preparing for gas purchases DLO next winter & raquo ;, – the vice-president of the European Commission. However Shefchovych expressed satisfaction with the consent of the Russian and Ukrainian sides zustritysya in Brussels to launch political consultations on these gas purchases. The result of the recent trilateral negotiations in the Ukraine-Russia-YEYE that took place in Brussels on 2 March, an agreement on Russian gas supplies to Ukraine, which will continue under the terms « winter package » the end of March at UMOIslands prepayment.