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In the Lviv region or we wait for his Churchill?

In July 1939 the streets of London were sealed with placards: " How much Churchill & quot ;. The man who organized the event, later said: " I wanted people wondered about the return of Winston Churchill & quot ;. March 5 passes in '69 since 61 th and 63 th Prime Minister of NHykoyi Britain during a speech at Westminster College, said his famous phrase, which outlined the foreign policy of the subsequent history of the twentieth century. And then the beginning of the XXI century .: " Iron Curtain sank over the continent, the Cold War with Russia replaced the hot war with Germany & quot ;. Hate to Churchill Bolsheviks manifested immediatelyafter the October Revolution. Heading into 1917 the British War Office, he focused all his energy in foreign policy in the military intervention in Russia, but the government ordered him to pull back. Had he scored ... History - like chess: each time another party, but a combination - are the same. What can we learn from the history of troopsovogo journalist who has 91 years of life spent in Parliament 55 (the first time was chosen at 26 g.), 31 - in the Cabinet and almost 9 years he was the Prime Minister of the country? Among the many traits Churchill is worth noting his ability to establish diagnoses without ohlyadan ... As head of government May 13, 1940, he said directly: " I can not offer anything but blood, toil, tears and sweat & quot ;. His mission outlined as follows: " The victory, victory at all costs; victory in spite of all terror; victory, however long and difficult the way, because without victory, there is life & quot ;. To navigate foreign policy in the previousUK number, you can quote Neville Chamberlain on the occupation of Czechoslovakia and Poland in 1939 the then 60 Prime Minister said: " This distant countries of which we know nothing & quot ;. In 1933 the future 62 Prime Minister of the Labour Party Clement Attlee said in Parliament: " We are totally against everything that is connectedO with arms & quot ;. Pacifism zashkalyuvav ... Once in power, Churchill made a bid in the Armed Forces primarily on aircraft. By early 1942 the United Kingdom are ahead of Germany in the production of aircraft (before production went almost in unison). The battle for the island began in late June 1941. Royal Air Force gave belongsWell fight back. Losses were in a ratio of 3 to 1. August 20 Winston Churchill said in Parliament: " Never before in the history of the war not so much have to so few & quot ;. What possible consequences in the United Kingdom to go on the offensive in World War II. Churchill became the savior of the nation and gained unprecedented popularity. Secretary Mr.rem'yer Minister Breken Brandon wrote a walking park, Churchill came across a man who had quarreled with a woman. Recognizing the prime minister, a man taking off his hat, said: " Sorry, boss, you are you, Sir? & Quot ;. However, after the Second World War in 1945 Churchill's Conservative Party lost the election the Labor Party. HistoriansL Johnson explains the choice of the British: " Few voted against Churchill. People voted against the Conservatives, rather against the higher caste society against officers who talked down, wearing cavalry breeches and drinking port wine after dinner & quot ;. The emergence of free time made it possible to sit at Churchill palette and writing memoirs. In 19'48 He was given an honorary member of the Royal Academy of Art (for the life he painted over 500 paintings). In 1953 for his 5 volumes of memoirs, becoming a historian, Churchill received the Nobel Prize for Literature. Return Churchill as Prime Minister, was in 1951, at 77 years of age. 1946, when reporters askedChurchill about the causes of success, he did not hesitate to answer: " Save energy. Never stand when you can sit, never sit when you can lie down & quot ;. This was reported in the press service of the Lviv regional organization VO " Freedom "