Chernihiv: Location unknown monument to Lenin - Police

Location monument to Lenin, which was established in Chernihiv Boulevard Avenue Public Peace and demolished in February 2014, is unknown. This response on behalf of Mayor Alexander Sokolov provided in the city police station. According to the informationin May last year after the disappearance of the monument area utility company city police officers opened criminal proceedings under Part. 1, Art. 185 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (theft). Back in February kilkametrovu Lenin statue was brought into the territory of the former company "Urban road management" (st. Pushkin 1)where she was. Storage facilities in the area include the Education Department of the City Council, so the disappearance of the statue of Lenin once said the Department of Education of the City Council. In the case as witnesses and witnesses interviewed several people. Some of them have provided conflicting evidence as current information checked. One of the witnesses inOverall voiced communicate on this subject exclusively to journalists. Continues pre-trial investigation. According to Chernihiv City Department of Internal Affairs in