In the Zhytomyr region weapon 03/04/2015

workers platoon in support UGAI. Berdichev Street. Queen, was stopped vehicle MERCEDES-BENZ resident of running. Berdichev, 1978 r.n .. When superficial view inside the car in the back seat was found hunting shotgun, no documents. This event isI registered in Berdychiv RA. 03.04.2015 at 11.30 VDAI Ovruchsky district employees, together with employees FACS Ovruchsky RV with. Sarnitsa, Pazardzhik Province, Ovruch district, Zhitomir region had seen an unknown man, who saw police officers began to flee. Take measures specified citizen was arrested. Audited Sutanovleno that the detainee is a resident of the city. Zhytomyr, in which during the inspection it was found and removed an object like a gun "TT" and 4 ammunition 7.62 and than a length of 40 cm and a width of 5 cm. in this event registered Ovrutskom RA. This was reported in the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs UGAI Ukraine in Zhytomyr region