In Vinnytsia rescuers continue their studies at the sites of mass occupancy

March 5 at the Vinnytsia transport College conducted tactical exercises with staff of the garrison city of Vinnytsia. According to legend, as a result of careless handling of fire was a fire in the air passing academic building. AlternationLate detection of messages (fire in OKTS PG DSNS Ukraine in Vinnitsa region received 10 minutes) fire gained considerable size. Upon arrival to the site of the first units call service « 101 » intelligence found that the windows of the second floor air transition goes smoke, fire extends to educational building andhostel. Director Extinguishing confirmed an increased number of calls. Link gazodymozaschitny service in the stairwell led « victim » with focus fire. With the second link gazodymozaschitny service on retractable ladder was evacuated several students. According to the head of training, chief OKTS PG DSNS in Ukraine Itnytskiy region Ruslan Novak, were educated at a high level, and the actions of units of service « 101 » were rated good. PG DSNS Ukraine in Vinnitsa region