"Exit citizens techniques make it possible to establish a dialogue with people" - the head of Internal Affairs Volyn Peter Shpig

In Manevichi and Lyubeshiv people came not only to talk about their problems with the head of the regional police department, but thank you for the professional actions of local law enforcement. On admission to the police colonel pre zapysalosI few citizens instead come to talk - a lot more. Some asked for help in resolving commercial disputes, investigating criminal proceedings, providing financial assistance for treatment or something. However, not only the problems addressed Volynyane to the chief of police. So to the Chief came and gratitude for professionalismsocialism of his subordinates. Two residents, including local policeman gave thanks for the prompt disclosure of theft and Birkivskyy village head - the prevention of fraud relative to the pensioner. It is worth noting also active citizens and their willingness to provide practical assistance to law enforcement Volyn in law enforcement in citiespoints. - It is vital to combine efforts to properly patrol the streets, because the situation in the country - very hard. However, I can say that people who help us in our daily work is more. This in turn indicates the disappearance of conventional barrier between the police and citizens - concluded Peter Shpig. SZEM MIAUkraine Volyn region