"Lutskvodokanal" update equipment

As part of the investment program in 2015 CE "Lutskvodokanal" provides technical re-equipment of enterprise objects. Despite the difficult economic situation, ME "Lutskvodokanal" is constantly working to improve the technical level, the introduction of energy efficient technologies and equipment. Zoparticular, to improve the quality of centralized water supply intake Dubnovsky ME "Lutskvodokanal" newly established enterprises and workers have developed new technology for water softening ECOSOFT, used in the electrolysis plant. Upgrading equipment was made possible by the investment component that ZakLaden in tariffs for water and sanitation in 2015. According to the master workshop NOSV Anatolia Suhalevycha (pictured), the main function of the new installation is softening water used in electrolysis plant, which will extend the service life of the electrodes in these settings. - "The principle of the new equipment next -incoming water passes through a special filter material - kationnoobminnu resin, which draws the water hardness salts and replaces them into harmless sodium ions that do not form deposits and scale on the pipe walls and heating elements. That is, the hardness salts remain in the filter material, and clean water flows into the electrolysis mustacheunit of. When the concentration of accumulated calcium is critical parameters - setting automatically turns on washing. That plant is fully automatic and does not require constant maintenance. Accordingly, installing such equipment we thus increasing the lifetime of the electrodes in the electrolytic faciliinthese, reduce the scale and kind of changing the structure of water. If now we carry out cleaning of the electrodes 2 times a week, then installing this equipment, we can do it 1 time in 12 days, which, in turn, will make it possible to save the salt we use for making brine for further electrolysis. Timeom this by performing activities Investment program for the current year, CP "Lutskvodokanal" being made to upgrade the pumping equipment at sewage pumping stations. For now purchased and installed at four ANC new modern energy efficient pump units. In parallel, the devices are installed obschedomovyh accountin the water. Since the beginning of 2014 is already installed obschedomovyh 89 meters. The future plans - Reconstruction of street water supply areas. Dubnovsky to the street. Ershov, upgrade pumping equipment for upward pumping station upgrades and special equipment for emergency restoration work. In KP "Lutskvodokanal" through difficult economic situationsu can not for the implementation of large-scale projects, but planned works are carried out completely. Recall that at the end of 2014 the National Commission for State regulation of public utilities approved the investment program CP "Lutskvodokanal" for 2015. The main goal is the implementation of measures in the field of water supply and waterovidvedennya aimed at solving the problems of energy saving, reduction of losses (leakage) of water and environmental improvement through technical re-equipment and reconstruction of water supply and sanitation. The amount of funding for 2015 is 2.5 million. USD. All the measures envisaged investment program fulfillssya at own costs, which are incorporated in depreciation in the tariff structure. Please note that all work performed and conducted to improve water quality, uninterrupted water supply and sanitation, as well as reducing the number of accidents on the network. In turn remind consumers not forget svoyechaSTART pay for services provided by utility companies' Lutskvodokanal "because only timely payment will continuously receive water in their homes. Press Service of ME "Lutskvodokanal" This was reported in Lutsk City Council

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