In Lviv UBOZivtsi detained daring armed criminal group

on the accounts of grouping a number of serious crimes, including robbery and robbery of the area residents, burglary and theft cars. During the arrest the attackers did armed resistance and tried to escape in two cars. As a result of professional action, Figures of detainees and their weapons seized. Employees of OCD Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Lviv region was performed documentation of sustainable criminal gang, whose members since last year, specializing in serious crime violently-material nature with weapons. As a result of hard work operatives inwere all members of the group. By special operation to apprehend involved traffic police who stopped two cars that traveled suspects. At the request of the police to get out of the car and refused attackers immediately began to flee, creating a situation that threatens the lives and health of law enforcement. To stop transportnoho vehicle inspectors used firearms and prostrilyly wheel. Despite this, the car stopped and the driver tried to escape and then continuing maneuvers back and forth, creating a danger to others. After stopping the vehicle, allies blocked the door and tried to use weapons. As a result of Matodiv both detained by car, no one was injured, and police arrested employees Lviv 6 men aged 20 to 36 years, all the inhabitants of the city. Stryy and almost all previous convictions. Currently attackers reasonably suspected of committing a series of serious crimes. A striking example - is robbery in the city. Stryy that took place last November. At night accomplices entered the territory of the office, which threatened use of a weapon, tied with tape three staff composition, and took possession of the property company. Soon, this month accomplices went to the next thing - pawnshop robbery daring in. Stebnyk. At gunpoint, the men seized 45 thousand and jewelryand products in the amount of 320 thousand UAH. Currently conducted investigation and search measures to establish other episodes of criminal suspects and their accomplices and victims'. The issue of choosing of a preventive measure. Press Service of the Ministry of Interior of Ukraine GUBOZ

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/