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Chernivtsi region, there were 5 fires killed

people 1 March 4 in s. Mykhailivka Hlybotskyi district there was a fire in a building. The fire was smoking in bed home owner, a local resident born in 1952. Since the fire was small, it was self over time. At the time when people discovered fire effectsin a residential apartment building owner was already no signs of life. Fire and rescue units on the scene were not called. Residential building March 4 burned in the village. Molnytsya Hertsa area. The fire was eliminated another guard rescue of Fire and Rescue m. Hertz and the local fire department with. Horbovo and. Molnytsya. Bythankfulness actions firefighters from the fire were rescued two located near the building. During a fire in a residential building where the fire occurred, destroyed furniture, household equipment and household items. The cause of the fire is currently under investigation. Double fire and rescue units over the past day had to go There were sprych?n?n? burning dry grass in an open area in the city. Chernivtsi Street. South Ring and the village. Small Kuchuriv Zastavnivsky area. In both cases, rescuers managed to prevent the spread of fire and eliminate fire. Press Service of the Office DSNS Ukraine in Chernivtsi region