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In Khmelnytsky thief tried to hide from the SSS in the closet along

by pressing the plastic window intruder entered the premises grocery store. Urgent Response fighters GSO message triggered alarm stop fans of "easy money" steal sales outlet. About one o'clock in paragraph Centralizovanoho observation State Security Service received an alarm signal from a shop in the center of Khmelnitsky, which is under protection. After receiving the signal, another remote information immediately transferred near to the scene along special forces group SSS detention. Derzhohorontsi responded immediately and after two minutes came to the facility.During the test, police found the back of the shop open window. To lock the object was caused by an extra outfit of detention. Subsequently, observing the personal security guards inspected the premises. In the utility room police found the offender. The appearance of detention at the State Security Serviceyyavylas for the attacker complete surprise, because he knew that the facility is equipped with an alarm system, so he decided on law enforcement ... to hide in the closet. At the scene was also caused investigative team Zarichanska police station and the store owner. Currently, the question of abuse by this fact a criminal case. In theSSS at MIA Ukraine in Khmelnytsky region