In the Transcarpathian region Vinogradovsky police detained a minor thief who robbed his neighbors

to get money for entertainment, the guy stole from another garage and bicycle Electric. Law enforcement officials who have come to call the attacker detained in "hot pursuit". By the duty of the police department Vynohradivskyi zatelefonVinogradov and Obal resident reported the theft. The applicant said that her garage and Electric bicycle disappeared. At the scene immediately was sent investigative team. Arriving at the address, police inspected the scene and talked to the victim. The hostess said that morning saw the mess in the yardand wide open door to her garage. Looking inside, she found the bike disappearance of "Merida" and Electric. Carefully hearing the victim, the police received a description of stolen things and started to search for the suspect. In the field of law enforcement officers immediately got a neighbor, 17-year-old young man who has repeatedly brought to criminalnoyi responsibility. Such forgiveness for stealing his usual thing. As recognized by the attacker, walking down the street, he decided to visit the neighbors to steal something. After seeing the yard in search of easy money, the guy broke the lock on the garage and stole a bike and Electric. Later still wanted to sell, and spend money on entertainment, but do not have time -was detained by police. As the head of the police department Anatoly Vynohradivskyi Shkyrta, investigation department opened criminal proceedings under Part 3 185 (theft) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Sanction article provides for punishment of imprisonment for a term of three to six years. Currently the pre rozsliduand of excluding "criminal record" attacker, the question of the application to him strict preventive measures such as detention. Oksana Kobzarenko Vinogradov District Police