Be careful in hunted crooks that buying a car, souvenir bills are calculated from

victims of such scams are two car owners - from Kremenets and Terebovlia. Both men were hoping to sell their vehicles. But left without cars and money. Scheme for which deceived victims, was similar. Man'sing on the Internet selling cars. Buyers vehicle found quickly. We agreed to meet. By company sales came from three people, two men and a woman. After inspecting vehicles, potential buyers want to buy by car. Pay for goods offered on the site. When converting money attackers vsiljust as distracting attention sellers. At this point, they were able to replace the original notes on souvenir. What were victims of fraud, the owners of cars not noticed immediately but only at home, when they transfer the money. Among all the notes was only one real, the rest was the inscription - "souvenir". With victims approached the police. According to the facts of a criminal proceeding. Actions suspect classification under paragraph 1 of Article 190 of the Criminal Code - fraud. The police are searching for intruders. According to the victim, suspect-looking 30 years. Medium build. One of the men height 190 cm, the other - 175 cm. Law enforcement officials are turning to be vigilant and countryman to trust strangers. Remember fraudsters - good psychologists and rely on your trust. They act quickly and try in every way to divert your attention to seize your money. Your financial security - in your hands. In any case, the transactions with money never take your time and be careful. If youthere was such a nuisance, do not hesitate and call the police. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region