In Lviv, Drohobych pedestrian suddenly went on the road and fell under the wheels of a car in Drohobych

injured as a result of accidents pedestrians. This accident occurred yesterday, February 12, about 23.15 hours on the street Grushevskogo. 43-year-old helmsman busa « Mercedes-Benz » did hit a 31-year-old inhabitant Drohobych district. According to preliminary dataa pedestrian suddenly entered the roadway road outside « & raquo ;, zebra and I made sure that there is no danger. As a result of accidents people received lethal wound head. SAI encourages pedestrians to honor traffic rules, do not make light of their own safety! We remind accordance with traffic rules, pedestrians prohibited raptovo come out or run out on the road, including at the crosswalk. First you need to Duty ’ sure to make sure that there is no danger, and only after that – go further. You also can not cross the street outside « zebra & raquo ;, if dividing strip or road has four or more lanes in both directions. In addition,forbidden to cross the road in places where fencing is installed. It should also be noted that in the night-time and under conditions of poor visibility passersby who are carriageway road or curb, must identify themselves and, if possible, be outerwear optical elements to other road users could see in timethem. This was reported in the press service of the traffic police administration in Lviv region