In the Zhytomyr region trained rescuers eliminate emergency involving the explosion and fire on March 3

Bakery civil protection force Yemel'chins'kyy area practiced sequence of actions in case of emergency situation at about ’ yektah production. Training took place at Emilchinsky CLibzavodi. At 10:23 in the premises of the factory shop workers found a suspicious object known by their appearance is similar to explosives. This information came to the police. Meanwhile, the factory has already held an emergency evacuation of the premises and territory, measures taken to prevent panic and restrict access by unauthorized persons.At the scene, police arrive to conduct investigative actions and neutralization of explosive devices. However, tactical exercises complicated management plan, during the examination of suspicious objects vybuhotehnichnoyu service AMIA explosion. As a result, partially destroyed ceiling in the shop, one worker was killed and 2workers who were surrounded, were injured. The explosion caused a fire. So the third stage perfected actions on operational information and involvement of specialized services of civil protection in the first place rescuers 18th state of the Fire and Rescue. Arriving on-call firefighters, conducted search and rescue roboyou, and not finding more dead and injured people began conventional fire extinguishing. Brigade Ambulance Disaster Medicine has provided first aid to the injured and took them to the nearest medical facilities district center. Emergency crews gas service and district electric cut off about ’ object of supplyAnd CP « Vodokanal » provided uplift pressure in vodomerezhi village. At this time, the traffic police blocked the road and limited travel to transport company. During the emergency work separately District The local authority and the National Assembly. And the site – Staff of the emergency with the participation ofand the district administration, district departments DSNS, Ministry of Interior, the Prosecutor's Office. The main purpose of the exercise was to test the readiness of specialized units to act in emergency mode, work out a set of organizational and practical measures of all parts of the district subsystem unified state civil defense system. In DSNS in LMOtomyrskiy area