In the Transcarpathian region Svalyava rescuers were taught youth how to act in case of emergencies

March 3 Svaliava technical college of National University of Food Technologies held a lecture on civil protection experts organized by the District Department of Management DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region. The event was attended predstavnyky teaching staff of the institution and about a hundred students university. During the lecture young people informed about the procedure in the detection of suspicious objects. In particular, students were told how to distinguish explosives among all the others. For this it is necessary to Add ’ their favorites characteristics, namely discrepancy subject tothe surrounding environment, the presence of sounds that are heard from the device, and the presence of food sources or wirelessly mechanism. Next listeners lectures presented with a list of correct actions during detection of GDP, such as fence place of discovery, others warn of the danger and call the emergency services « 101 & raquo ;. In addition, underthe lecture spoke about actions during the flood of mercury. Thus, students reported that the significant leakage of dangerous liquids should immediately report the incident to the investigation and search operations. This young explain how you can resolve on its own spill of mercury from a broken thermometer at home. Listened information is left college students buyloud, because each of them is aware that more than ever need to know the basic safety emergencies. In DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region