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In Ternopil honor the memory of Commander in Chief of the UPA

March 5 marks 65 years since the death of Commander in Chief of the UPA Shukhevych Hero of Ukraine. This day in Chortkivshyni in s.Zabolotivka at 12.00 hours will rally - requiem in memory of Shukhevych. Recall I. Roman Shukhevych (pseudo "white", "bell", "Rumen Lozovskii "," Stepan, "" Monk, "" Chuh "," tour "," Taras Chuprynka ") (June 30, 1907, m. Lviv March 5, 1950, p. bilohorshcha, now a part of. Lviv) - Ukrainian politician and statesman, military personnel. Member of the Galician regional guidance Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists. The commander of the Ukrainian Ukrainian military unit "Nachtigallb "as part of the Foreign Legion of the Wehrmacht (1941-1942). General cornet, chief of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, head of the Secretariat of the Ukrainian Supreme Liberation Council (1943-1950). Roman Shukhevych posthumously awarded the title Hero of Ukraine udostoyennyam Order of the State. This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration