In Khmelnytsky characters live through the ages

3rd March in the hall Starokonstantinovsky school named Hero of Ukraine S.M.Bondarchuka an evening-requiem dedicated to the Heroes of Heaven and hundreds of Hero of Ukraine Sergey Bondarchuk. The event took delivery of the certificate conferring the title of Honorary Professor Khmelnytsky Oblast InstitutePostgraduate Education Hero of Ukraine Bondarchuk SN posthumously. To honor the memory of Sergei Mikhailovich, came to school Vice-President - Chief of Staff of the Khmelnytsky Oblast State Administration, member of the Academic Council of Khmelnitsky Regional Institute of Postgraduate Education L.V.Steblo, Mayor Starokonstantinov M.S.Melnychuk, where directorEducation department of the Khmelnytsky Oblast State Administration O.I.Fasolya, Rector of Khmelnytsky Institute V.Ye.Bereka. Hall High School gathered teachers, students and the public of the city. The audience asked Les Stalk, "work what started heroes, we continue. If we do by their actions and deeds will be worthy of their memory, they really will live forever. Cergies M. was one of those examples of how to love power, how to love life. He was a man with a capital letter, a strong spirit and love for his people. Leo V. awarded a certificate conferring the title of Honorary Professor Khmelnytsky Oblast Institute of Postgraduate Education Hero of Ukraine Bondarchuk SN wivesand Sergei Mikhailovich T.V.Bondarchuk. Director of the Department of Education and Science Khmelnytsky Oblast State Administration O.I.Fasolya said: "A person can become a professor, working on scientific work life, and may be born professor. Professor humanity, decency, courage and patriotism was and is S.M.Bondarchuk. " Mayor Nicholas Melnychuk in his speech,in particular, said Sergei Bondarchuk knew how tolerant, principled man, "Sergei Mikhailovich Notable achievements in teaching activities, services to Ukraine. we should be patriots and prevent any manifestations of separatism and be united to defeat the enemy. This will be the best memory of Heroes Hundreds of Heaven. " Rector of the KhmelnitskyV.Ye.Bereka Institute reported that nayblyschym time planned to publish special issue of the journal Pedagogical Institute with scientific developments talented teacher and teacher of S.M.Bondarchuka Shepetivka Hero of Ukraine M.S.Dzyavulskoho. Activities S.Bondarchuka school gymnasium L.M.Bodnar director recalled, touching poem about Heaven Hundreds of Heroesread his speech H.V.Mudryk first director of the gymnasium. A meaningful and exciting literary and musical compositions of documentary video of the tragic events on Independence High School students conducted. The information was