Children's drawings Ternopil students, police fired in the collection ATU

Presentation edition single in Ukraine patriotic children's drawings, police named ATO « Dad, turn alive! &Raquo; Ternopil City Council held on 3 March. Authors All pictures – Ternopil students. During the presentation Mayor Sergei Ondal presented ternopolyan small collections of their works, thanks and gifts. &Laquo; common enemy, a common affliction and shared a great dream joined all generations of Ukrainian. The war, which for several generations only read about in books and seen in movies a reality for our contemporaries. She touched all – young and old. Aboutdays of fighting, others help front - said Sergey Nadal. &Ndash; Front Assist can differently. Can transferring body armor for soldiers, but can – handing him the momentum of love and respect through drawing or poem. Ternopil children draw pictures and transmit them to the front, show your patriotism and support real fighters. Everybodyth soldier important to feel love and gratitude from Ukrainian, which it protects. Thanks to children's drawings, the men have this feeling & raquo ;. This was reported in the Ternopil City Council