Employees Consolidated squad unite citizens and young hands in a friendly handshake mariupolchan

L'guards protecting land from Ukrainian terrorists think about the world. They care for their young, the future of our country. In addition, assisting orphans and keep bridges of friendship between students and cityMariupol. Consolidated Command Detachment Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Lviv region, as part of the patriotic project "... When you see a united Ukraine", held under the patronage of the police chief Vyacheslav Abroskin Donetsk, Mariupol attended school. Police brought pictures and letters from the friend of pupilsMariupol city for their peers. - We want children to have the opportunity to meet, make friends, contrived to erase the differences between East and West Ukraine. We are citizens of a single country, and it does not matter - what language we speak. We have a common desire - to head over sky was peaceful, and our family and friends would never know the painspending that brings war - says Lviv law enforcement commander Lieutenant Colonel Sergei Hryvnyak police. This is only the first step in the nearest future in Lviv residents - the organization of tours in their home town. For the "Lion City" is considered the cultural capital of Ukraine and one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Young happy to Mariupolresponded to the offer of friendship. In turn, they gave congratulations for law enforcement peers from the city and expressed hope for a quick meeting with them. In schools, the police visited the orphanage " Care Center " and rehabilitation center for the homeless "Republic Pilgrim". The police brought for the children not only withmachni goodies and hot and greetings from young residents of the city. And everywhere they expect hospitality and gifts in return, made by talented young hands. Thus, children with "care Center" Lviv gave police a charm of its own making. But the best gift for the men in uniform was the ability to connect children in handsa friendly handshake. In young citizens and mariupolchan a big country, and that they will make it prosperous. Press service of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine Donetsk region

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/