Ivano-Frankivsk region pyrotechnics 5 units destroyed old ammunition March 3

employees of pyrotechnic works rescue special unit of the Office of DSNS in 5 units destroyed old ammunition: one (1) anti-tank mine TMI-35 and one (1) 105 mm artillery shells found in the openarea in the village of Old Lysets Tysmenytsya area and two (2) 81 mm mortar shells and one (1) 76 mm artillery shells found in the open area repair zone TC « Bukovel » Polyanitsya village council. Management DSNS in warning citizens to be cautious in identifying explosive objects dotrymuappliance only appropriate behavior: a dangerous discovery should immediately notify the local authorities, fire and rescue service and the police; on-site detection of explosive remnants should stop any work; in no case be handed to a suspicious object; need to organize protection dangerous place,which can not allow outsiders until experts arrive. From the beginning, in Prykarpattia already destroyed 21 pieces of old.

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/