In Khmelnytsky experimental patrol detained pensioner who committed a double murder and intended to blow up the house (+)

The murder happened because of continued property disputes that there were between brothers. During a conflict younger, 70-year-old grabbed a shotgun and killed his brother and his girlfriend and then tried to blow up the house. Fromavadyly police, patrol pilot got a call in 6 minutes and stopped the attacker. The event occurred in the neighborhood Knyzhkivtsi city Khmelnitsky. As we found out in the yard parents' house was 70-year-old man came to him, 77-year-old brother with his 61-year-old girlfriend. The men lived in different Rayotries, and the house they were trying to sell, was their common property. Suspecting each other thefts, began to quarrel. In the midst of strife younger brother got cut vystelyv and older in the forearm. The woman began to intercede for her roommate, but fatally gunshot wound in the stomach. Meanwhile, 77-year-old victim Pomeysr of blood loss. Shots heard locals who called and law enforcement. Avtopatrul arrived in 6 minutes and found 70-year-old man for trying to "cover up" the traces of two murders fire. To do so, he lit back room harnchir'ya and pulled away oxygen tank and cylinders of propane-butane and unscrewed the gas burner. Remainselk only raise a match, and all flew to the air. Probably would have suffered neighbors. Guardians prevented this - caused fire and gas service workers who eliminated fire and neutralized the potential explosion of natural gas. At the request of the police to put the weapon on the ground suspect did not respond, and natomiAmount ran for the house and shot himself in the chest. But the attempt to commit suicide failed - man taken to the city hospital, now he is being treated under guard and already gives evidence for law enforcement. - Criminal proceedings opened according to claim. 1 ch. 2, Art. 115 "Murder of two or more persons" of the Criminal Code of Ukraine - flidomyv Head of Khmelnytsky City Police Department Basil Ptaschuk. - Men have been notified of the suspicion of a crime. According to the relevant article he faces imprisonment for a term of 10 to 15 years or life imprisonment. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Khmelnytsky region